Wrapping up Winlock Egg Day

By Lynnette Hoffman

Wrapping up Winlock Egg Day

Photo by Lynnette Hoffman - Carol Wallin dressed in a chicken costume rode in the float driven by Kenny Hauschild.

Egg Day was a great day for the community, it seems a lot of new people came out, but there were residents and classmates alike in the town. These events start with the Queen's Coronation on Friday and then on Saturday, the town is lit up for the rest of the day.

Dean Hendrickson has given his resignation as co-chair of the Winlock Egg Day, he will be sorely missed. He has given so much of his time to run egg day with Misty Mayo, we appreciate all you two have done for the community!

Winlock has always had a fun day on Egg Day and yesterday was no exception. It was a day of seeing people you have known most of your life. It's always a kick when we get to see the Winlock peeps in the Parade. Landon Johnson a local resident and the band he is in played at Egg Day during the parade.

I always start my morning of Egg Day by going to the registration desk for floats. I asked John Prigmore how many entrees. It's interesting to find out some people do not sign up ahead of time. So, John and Barb were there doing what they do! It's also John and Barbs' last year registering floats. Thank you for the job you have done over the years, we appreciate you.

Then it's a trip down the road to see all the classic cars. Every year, Angela Patching does a phenomenal job getting everyone organized. She has always made sure that Front Street in downtown Winlock is filled.

Before the parade starts, you usually see a few classmates or people you went to school with. It was fun talking to Bill and Christy Lucas and Steve Lucas. They had with them Megan West who graduated from Winlock as well. I also had the good fortune of being alongside the Tamale Lady, Lorena. She made quite a few and people just love them.

Right before the parade gets going, the street vendors come out. These are the ones offering water and other fair type accessories. I saw several women around with very long curly ribbons, bought from the street vendor.

Every year, when you see the honor guard, you know they are there to start the parade off right. There were several candidates in the parade as this year is an election year. We didn't have any horses this year, which was unusual.

My favorite of the floats/vehicles with our local people was Kenny Hauschild chauffeuring a chicken. Now, it wasn't a real chicken, but Carol Wallin in the chicken suit. That was such a great thing to see. You could tell they were having a good time. Dwain Miller was in the parade with his antique vehicle, but this time driven by his granddaughter. It was wonderful to see the new Chief Fire Chief Richard Underdahl in the parade.

After the parade, people either went down to the grade school and plaza to see the most vendors Egg Day has ever had. You could find food down to Medicare advice. You could talk to candidates in the booth, it is always filled with a lot of people. Jodie Curtis did a great job on getting vendors.

The ones that stayed uptown seemed to be a few locals, you can see them usually in one of the taverns, talking to an old classmate they haven't seen in years.

Another year is in the books, Egg Day is always a fun adventure. Next up, Toledo Cheese Days is the 2nd weekend in July, hope to see everyone there!!!