Winolequa Garden Club awards annual scholarship

Winolequa Garden Club awards annual scholarship

The Winolequa Garden Club has chosen the recipient of their annual scholarship and the winner this year is Katelynn Merrill, a Winlock native. Her family has been here for a few generations. Katelynn is the daughter of Mark and Lorna Merrill and granddaughter of Gloria Merrill.

Katelynn is a graduating senior enrolled in the Running Start program. This fall she will be going to Centralia College for a degree in nursing with hopes of getting a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree.

Katelynn was asked what prompted her to apply for the scholarship and she proudly stated, "My grandmother Gloria gave me the application." There were three applicants and Katelynn was chosen.

In the past, Winolequa Garden Club asked that only applicants apply that were looking to get into horticulture. However, the club has expanded their criteria. "The main focus is to help a Winlock student further their education," stated Sandy Bickar, president of the Winolequa Garden Club.

Katelynn received a card in the mail that said she had been accepted to receive the scholarship. She said, "I was so happy! I was thanking God for the scholarship!" Katelynn recommended to every student at Winlock to "definitely get yourself out there and apply for the scholarship next year."

Sandy said that "She was thrilled, thanking us over and over." In May, Katelynn met with Sandy and other members of the Winolequa Garden Club at a luncheon, where Katelynn provided the club with a short biography.

Katelynn is a beautiful girl, inside and out. She appreciates her scholarship and she will make Winlock and the Winolequa Garden Club proud.