WHMA Food Bank Extends Thanks

Bonnie Ryan

all who made this year’s food bowl a success. As a result with the food that was donated we will have more of a variety to offer on our shelves. The increase in clients has more than doubled due to our troubled economy and we are now serving close to 600 families a month.

The financial donations made it possible for us to distribute over 200 Christmas meals to those less fortunate and provide for the purchase of a generator to be used for the guarantee of no food loss in times of trouble.

The students did a magnificent job this year and it brought tears of pride and gratitude. Let us not forget the motivation and direction from the teachers, counselors and principals who are also responsible for their success. To each and every person and business who contributed in any way this holiday season, we are so grateful and to say thank you just doesn’t seem enough. A sincere thank you to a very supportive community from all the volunteers at the WHMA Food Bank going on 20 some years in your community.

Bonnie Ryan,