What’s up at the Pacific County Fair?

So as you are planting or start a new project, keep the fair and fair theme in mind. The coloring contest was completed last week and Karley Reidinger of South Bend won the $50 award for the best drawing depicting the theme. We have our first Platinum sponsor; radio station KACW 91.3 on your FM dial will be sponsoring a nationally known entertainer who will be presenting an exciting concert on Saturday. Saturday promises to be a huge day as we also have some great kid’s events and a kid’s concert sponsored in partnership with the fair by Know and Grow. Our day will culminate in the annual Queen Coronation. Stay tuned for more exciting information as it becomes available. If you follow Facebook and have not friended the “Pacific County Fair, WA” page, you are missing out on the latest information on your fair. We will continue to provide articles for the paper, but the most current information can be found on Facebook. We now have over 430 people following the fair on Facebook. We had a contest when we got over 400 followers. Emily Frasier of Menlo was the drawing winner for over 400 likes. She won 4 fair buttons. We are now seeking candidates for the Royalty Court. This is open to male and female sophomore and junior age students. We are looking at having one representative from each school in the county. We are also interested in candidates that are in home school as well. Improvements have been made to the RV spaces on the fairgrounds, along with more lighting. We have added 20 RV spaces. We now have 44 spaces available for rental. If you are planning for a reunion or a camping trip, consider the fairgrounds. We have restrooms, showers, and cooking facilities. To find out about one space or several, as well as the cost, call the fairgrounds at 360-942-3713. Additional Paper Mache' classes are being offered at the fairgrounds on April 20, May 18, and June 22 from 2 – 4 pm. If you would like to make an item for the fair out of Paper Mache’, we can help you to learn or work on a project. Paper Mache’ has been added to the art section of the fair. Call 360-942-3713 if you would like to attend one of the classes.