Welcome to the Toledo Cheese Ball Dance Party

by Jamie Cummings

Welcome to the Toledo Cheese Ball Dance Party

Matt Conrow, Jamie Cummings, Ethan Siegel, Michelle Conrow

The second annual Toledo Cheese Ball Dance Party is being held on Saturday, May 18 at Kemp Olson Memorial Park starting at 5:00 p.m. It's a fun opportunity to put on some silly formalwear and bust out your best cheesy dance moves. We'll have a dance floor and fancy photo backdrop, and there's plenty of room for the kids to run around while you get your groove on. This is a fundraiser for Toledo Parks, so tickets are $10 each for adults, free for kids under 12.

I started it because I kept seeing ridiculous vintage dresses at thrift stores that I couldn't justify picking up because I didn't have anywhere to wear them. I did it during Cheese Days last year, but I heard from a bunch of people that there was just too much else going on for them to be able to make it, so I moved the date this year.

I chaired most of the dances when I was in school, so putting it together was familiar. It's better as an adult though because every aspect of these things feels so high stakes when you're a teenager. Did you pick the right dress? The right date? The right restaurant for dinner? What will people think if you did it wrong? This event is very low stakes. If your dress is too flamboyant, it's perfect. If you dance poorly, you're in the right place. It's nice to feel a bit fancy without also feeling judged.