Valley FBLA discusses drinking and driving

There are many dangers and consequences to drinking and driving. When you choose to drink and drive you not only put yourself in danger, but you also put the lives of others in danger.

According to 2009 drunk driving statistics, there were 10,839 traffic fatalities in alcohol impaired driving crashes. National statistics state that an average of 12,000 people die every year in DUI related accidents. We have precious people in our own community who have died at the hands of drunk drivers and if you know of any of these people, you know how very hard it is to handle and how the sadness just goes on and on, for it can never be changed.

The Willapa Valley FBLA Club has been doing a campaign to prevent drinking and driving. We have designed brochures warning people about the dangers of drinking and driving, and distributed them throughout our community. We have also presented a PowerPoint we created at the Willapa Valley Leadership meeting on May 19; along with a commitment poster that has been signed by high school students and adults that vowed never to drink and drive.

We hope people, young and old, will think twice before they get behind the wheel after consuming alcohol.