Valley enjoys March Madness

The event was based off of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Basketball tournament among U.S. colleges. The idea of this event was to bring college awareness to middle and high school students who may feel that college is out of their reach. It also shows the fun aspects of college, and that it's not all just studying and exams!

Students were divided into 14 different vision groups, and the March Madness week started off with a crowd, roaring assembly where each group chose a NCAA College they would spend the week researching. Together, each group created a banner with their college's colors, mascot, and vital information they could use to "sell" their school when it came time to present. They included information such as financial aid availability, housing options, degree programs, as well as various activities and clubs.

It was so much fun walking into all the different classrooms throughout the week to see how much creativity these kids have. Some took it to the next level and created hats and costumes for their group to wear at the assembly on Friday. Many students also sought out clothing and other college gear from the college they researched that week to add even more excitement to their presentation. It was so great to see these students and even the teachers motivated by some healthy competition.

Judges were present to choose the best banner/presentation for middle school and for high school. The winning groups were announced on Monday, March 2nd and will be awarded a pizza party. Looks like March Madness will stay in the minds of the Valley students for a long time helping to remind them the true goal of high school.