Vader May Day marches in

By Lynnette Hoffman

Vader May Day marches in

The Vader May Day committee did an awesome job as several hundred enjoyed their May Day festivities. This year the weather was cooperative for the parade but shortly thereafter it rained.

They had vendors which seemed to have more than last year. Again this year, The Little Crane and the Dailys offered free hamburgers and hot dogs. As always, they have good food. Thank you to this wonderful family.

This year was the first time in many years there was actually a May Pole Dance which is performed using ribbons by the young dancers from Winlock Dance Center.

There was also a cake walk and a lot of people to see. I can't even remember everyone, but it was so wonderful to see the older students from Vader Grade School.

I had no idea Barb Matheson or Joan were graduates. It was great to see Joan Nelson as well. I have not seen the Hancock girls together in quite a while but they were there as well. One of the ladies said she knows which old family everyone is from just by looking at them.

There were people from all over, even some from our small communities. One of my favorite Winlock guys was there, Kenny Hauschild. Also, I saw Therese and Dave Walch and John and Barb Matheson and Marissa Randt. Toledo had a few residents, the Dutton's were there as well.

It was a great event everyone enjoyed!