Vader cancels May Day in light of volunteer struggles

Stephen Floyd

Vader has announced their annual May Day festival has been cancelled this year due to a lack of volunteers available to organize the event.

Typically the first major celebration of Lewis County's summer festival season, May Day had been held regularly since 1952 and was organized in recent years by long-time resident Diana Trahanes until Trahanes' death in 2012.

Though members of Trahanes' family organized the festival last year, Mayor Ken Smith reported Thursday no individuals have stepped forward to lead the event this year and May Day has been cancelled until further notice.

However, Smith indicated the growing populatiry of Vader's Fourth of July celebration, which last year included games, a parade and live entertainment, could end up taking May Day's place as Vader's big summer celebration. It was already reported earlier this month the Vader Gravity Races will be merging with the Fourth of July celebration in light of last year's significant turnout.

But Smith also indicated, should someone wish to volunteer as May Day Coordinator, Vader would be glad to have their help, stating he hopes the announcement of May Day's uncertain future may spur members of the community to action.

Those interested in helping preserve May Day are encouraged to contact Vader City Hall at (360) 295-3222 to find out more information.