Undersheriff Todd Fosse fired

By Scot Pearson


SOUTH BEND - Pacific County Sheriff Scott Johnson has severed the employment of Undersheriff Todd Fosse.

"Todd has been working in a 'at will'" position. His services are no longer required at this time," said Sheriff Scott Johnson.

Sheriff Johnson noted that he has had a long relationship with the former undersheriff and that he has the utmost respect for Fosse. "Todd has been a very dedicated employee and his ethics in relation to the job are as good as the day is long."

The decision was not easy for Sheriff Johnson as his relationship with Fosse has a history that extends well into their teen years. Fosse also ran Johnson's election campaign.

Sheriff Johnson further noted that there has been several rumors about the situation and wants the public to know that they are just rumors and speculation.

"There were a number of issues leading up to this decision," Johnson said. "But there was no misconduct on part of Todd, nor will there be any pending investigations. It was not an easy decision to make."

The Pacific County Sheriff's Office will be looking at the possibility of filling the position again if it is deemed needed for the future of the department.

Fosse has been connected with law enforcement since 1976, served with the South Bend Police Department, as well as with the Pacific County Sheriff's Office, being appointed as undersheriff in 2011.