Toledo rainwater down the drain

by Kennedi Collins

As the year draws to a close the Toledo City Council started their first meeting of December. With a full attendance of all members the council jumped into their business for the night.

First on the agenda of the night was the Mayor's Report. Under Mayor Pratt's report Pratt reported that he and Councilman Steve Dobosh had "attended the Mayors meeting on Friday where Steve was introduced as the newly elected Mayor for Toledo." Also in his report he told the audience that he and Dobosh had attended the FCLA dinner that they had all been invited to.

Moving into the committee reports Police Chief Jerry Brockmueller reported that "everything is running well." Still under committee reports Public Works Craig McCown came forth to give his reports. In this report he notified the council of the rain waters effect on the sewer system. He continued that "the plant is designed for 270,000 gallons and we are running at 100,000 gallons." McCown also stated that the county was still trying to fill the old ponds. While they were making progress there was still much to go. Next under the committee reports was City Clerk Michelle Whitten. In Whitten's report she reminded the council that she had "handed out resources available in the community such as food, help with utilities, rent, pets, etc." she continued to encourage the others to share this information. With no further reports or public comment the council continued into their agenda items of new business.

For the first item of the agenda the council looked at the "Proclamation Recognizing School Board Members Dale Koth and Bill Moore." Following the reading of the proclamation Councilman Dobosh made the motion to approve and Council Woman Carol Hill seconded. When the motion carried unanimously Superintendent Chris Rust thanked the council.

Under the seconded topic the council looked at the "Waiver of Water/Sewer Connection fees - 321 South Fourth Street."

Michelle told the council that this was "another bank repo property where due to non-payment the water service had been disconnected." Whitten reported that there was a buyer that would like to get the service back on. "We have given the option of paying new connection fees or paying what all the bills would have been if the water was still on the lien." It was then stated that they wanted to ask the council to approve the seconded option. With this Councilman Nate Cook made the motion to approve the seconded option Councilman Mike Thomas seconded and the motion carried unanimously.

Moving onto the third agenda item the Council looked at "Ordinance #735 - 2015 Budget Amendment. First Reading." After the reading of the title Council Woman Hill made the motion to approve on the first reading Councilman Jim Fluckinger seconded and the vote passed.

For the fourth matter the Council was to discuss the council addressed "Ordinance #736 - Marijuana Land Uses. First Reading." After the motion carried Councilman Cook stated that the "Planning Commission did a really good job with the guidance of the Long Beach WA regulations opening up a couple of possibilities and keeps Toledo attractive for industry."

Next on the agenda was the matter of Unfinished Business. At this time the council looked to approve "Ordinance No. 734 - 2016 Budget. Second Reading." Council Woman Hill motioned to approve on the second reading Councilman Thomas seconded and the motion carried.

Continuing onto Other Business the council addressed the topic of "Late fee for Brian Haight." It was brought up that the "staff received a strange note protesting a late fee." The Council agreed to wait until an official document came to them.

Concluding the meeting of the night the Council turned their attention to the Public. During the time of the public Superintendent Chris Rust thanked the Mayor and the Council for the Proclamation and continued to invite them to the ceremony of the leaving school board members on December 17th. Next Councilman

Cook requested a moment to remember the date in history which was the bombing of Pearl Harbor and the beginning of World War II. Whitten reminded the audience that Toledo watched the skies for the bombers to the cost and that more information could be found at the Toledo Historical Society. After the Public comments the meeting was moved to adjourn.