Theatre, studio congratulate community for support toward digital projector


The title reflects the theater’s latest acquisition, a digital projector, enabling the theater to show up-to-date movies on the local screen. Movie distributors are no longer releasing new films in older formats, forcing a lot of small theaters to go to the digital format or face tougher decisions about keeping their doors open.

Raymond’s solution was a bit different from other small-town Pacific Northwest theaters. “We are the only theater in the Pacific Northwest whose contributions to the projector campaign were from total community support,” Randy Dennis, representing the theatre, told an audience of about 40 at the theater June 27.

Dennis praised the work done by former theater manager Rebecca Watson and her husband, Frank, for the work they did at the theater and on the campaign to raise funds for the new projector. Some $60,000 was raised in just 18 months.

Movie distributor Lionsgate Studios acknowledged the unusual community commitment with its own “thank you”: A complimentary showing of, “Now You See Me” that evening.

Thursday evening’s invited guests browsed through the theater seats looking for 36 toy money bills they could cash in for gift certificates. Jewel Hardy, chairperson of Alliance for a Better Community, cheerfully handed 34 certificates to those who found the bills.

Bay Center resident Michael O’Meagher tickled the keys of the grand piano at the theater prior to Dennis’s comments and the movie.

Theater manager Anne Steele and her staff kept the popcorn and soda machines running at special prices throughout the weekend showing of “Now You See Me”.

Check out the theater’s schedule on its Facebook page, or call 942-4127 for an audio listing.