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includes Willapa Valley, North River, Bay Center and Raymond members) took on the task of planting the flower boxes on the dock adjacent to Ray Spurrell Park several years ago. We raise many of the plants ourselves; Bud’s and Dennis Co. have also provided support whenever they’ve been asked.

About five years ago that area next to the restrooms had become so overgrown that it apparently provided enough seclusion for someone to camp there, unnoticed.  With the help of Steve Russell and the city, we marched in to clean up the discarded clothes, fast food containers, and other remnants of uninvited guests.  We cleared the brush, put down weed screen, the city hauled in boulders donated by Harbor Rock and we landscaped and continue to maintain that area, too.

 We feel Mayor Church’s pain over thwarted efforts to keep the town presentable both for our own enjoyment and for the many visitors who pass through. While there’s not too much we can do to prevent the vandalism, we continue work to make the area attractive hopefully instilling community pride that will discourage further damage.

We invite you to join us in this effort by patronizing our annual Mother’s Day Plant and Gardening Sale, Saturday, May 11 from 10 a.m. until SOLD OUT in the Canary Cottage parking lot. (Hwy. 101 between Raymond and South Bend)  Our membership includes several Master Gardeners who can offer advice on flowers and vegetables. Seedlings and established plants from their own collections that are known to grow successfully in our local gardens as well as inexpensive Mother’s Day gifts will be available.


Your support is greatly appreciated,


The N.Q. Garden Club