Stop by 7th Street Coffee for refreshing brew and breakfast

Scheduled to open their doors for inside dining as well as a dual drive through, 7th Street Coffee anticipate to be open Wednesday, April 1.

It is no joke with the opening day, and they will also open for the true early birds tempting them with an array of coffee varieties by 4:30 am.

"We look to be open daily from 4:30 am - to about 6 pm. During the summer we may extend to 7 pm. But it will truly be based on business," said Rosalyn.

"That time in the morning the town is up and running, and there are not really any choices that early in the morning." said Mike.

Hoping to catch that early morning traffic of commuters and over the road drivers, 7th Street Coffee will also offer breakfast sandwiches and oatmeal.

"We will have premium bagels as well as many other things to eat and drink," said Rosalyn.

Not wanting to have the ordinary offering like other coffee shops, the couple purchased a convection oven to prepare their hot sandwiches.

"We do not like the idea of warming up the sandwiches in a microwave," Rosalyn said.

7th Street Coffee will also offer Stumptown Coffee and it was not easy to convince Stumptown to allow them to have their coffee brand.

One thing that will be different from all the other coffee houses will be the Stumptown Cold Brew.

"It is not an iced coffee," said Mike.

The process with the cold brew is that the course ground grounds will be steeped in hot water for a period of up to 16 hours. It is that concentrate of highly concentrated caffeine that is the basis of the cold brew drinks.

"With an iced coffee it is a steamed coffee over ice, the Cold Brew is a steeped mix that has a higher caffeine content, and is actually sweeter," explained Rosalyn.

The couple felt that the timing was right with the latest offering from the previous owners and the up swing in the economy they new that now was the time to strike and hope that the community will be ready for a more robust coffee offering on Willapa Harbor.

The menu will have more then coffee, bagels and oatmeal, as 7th Street Coffee will have a full menu of breakfast sandwiches, protein snacks, hot tea, and blended drinks with a wide range of variety syrups and mixes.

"We will have Italian sodas, jet teas, shaken ice teas and of course steamers and hot cocoa," said Rosalyn.

7th Street Coffee has also updated the interior for inside dining customers with a new d├ęcor and seating for around 10.

"We have just finished our training with Stumptown and have learned a lot about their product. It was not an easy decision for them to allow us to carry their coffee brand, as they are mostly in sit-down coffee shops," said Rosalyn.

Having some experience in the coffee business, Rosalyn has worked at One Moore Cup as well as other coffee shops in the area, and has wanted to run her own location for several years.

"We hope to provide a fresh and healthy choice with 7th Street, one of those ways is that we will have a wide variety of milk or alternative milk products like soy, hemp, coconut and almond milks, as well as whole and 2% for those who wish it," said Rosalyn.

Look out for the opening of 7th Street Coffee and get a refreshing cup of coffee. A customer punch card will start their loyalty program but will soon be replaced with a more durable card and many more offerings that are on the horizon as they get up and running.

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