Steck Memorial Clinic poised for success

By Lynnette Hoffman

Steck Memorial Clinic poised for success

Photo courtesy of Steck Memorial Clinic - The staff at Steck Memorial Clinic creates a welcoming hometown feeling of care.

When we think of medical care in Lewis County that has been around for generations, we think of L.G. Steck Memorial Clinic in Chehalis. Recently, they hired a new Chief Operating Officer (COO) and his ties are definitely rooted in Lewis County. Joe Mount is the new COO and he is making great changes to bring a family culture to the Clinic.

If his name sounds familiar it's because his family owned Bartel's Clothing Store for years. Joe grew up in Chehalis, when he was younger and in sports, L.G.Steck Memorial Clinic was the place he always went for care. He had appendicitis that was diagnosed at Steck, as well as Juvenile Diabetes. But, after several years of traveling and going to school in Utah and on the East Coast, he is now home. His responsibilities include everyday administration and operations of the clinic.

The clinic is about the people, they give you that family feel when you walk in. The first face I saw was Terese McCrite, who worked at Cedar Village for years. It is also where Brenda Hoven, Deli Manager is going. Megan Jones is also at Steck from Winlock. Lisandro Nunez is the Human Resource and Information Technology specialist. If you want to feel at home with family, these individuals will give you that family feel. They have hired 7 new staff members, there may be new faces but the family feel is still the same.

Joe has plans for the clinic, he stated he wants to, "Return it to being the primary care and urgent care medical practice of choice for our existing patients and the entire Lewis County community. If you cut your finger working on the local farm, you think of Steck. If a friend or family member moves to town and they need to establish with a primary care provider, you think of Steck. The late Dr. LG Steck first opened our doors in 1927 at a previous location. Our existing location opened in 1975. In the 80's, 90's and early 00's, I was a patient here. There have been various chapters of physicians and management over the years.

Much of the providers and staff have moved on since those days. I myself moved away in 2005. I came back 15 years later to ensure Steck Medical Group is a staple of the community for years to come. I wouldn't have moved back if I wasn't confident we would not only survive, but thrive, amongst an existing global pandemic and competing against larger, more robust health systems. We offer something different. The same feeling you get when you go to a 'mom and pop' shop, or a country diner - you get when you come to Steck. It's family here. Family members work together here (figuratively and literally). We take care of one another's families as patients. I have an open-door policy, for staff and patients. There is no administrative red tape. Come by and say hi."

Joe spent time traveling and going to school, his experience will help Lewis County, he stated, "After receiving a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from Brigham Young University in Utah and then a Master's Degree in Healthcare Administration at The George Washington University in Washington D.C, I told my first employer (Community Health Systems) I would go anywhere in the country to gain the experience I needed to be a leader in the healthcare administration field. But what do I consider my greatest asset? I was born in Chehalis. I was raised in Chehalis. My family remains Chehalis residents. I thoroughly enjoyed my experiences around the country. But Utah, Washington DC, Arkansas, Pennsylvania and Las Vegas were not home. Chehalis is home - that is my single greatest asset."

Steck still offers a wide range of services. "We have an urgent care open 7 days a week, 365 days a year," said Joe. "Our hours are currently 7am-7pm (Mon-Fri) and 9am-4pm (Sat/Sun) and 12-4pm on holidays. Check our website for updates. Our primary care providers see patients 5 days a week (Mon-Fri). We have a new female MD starting in March (Dr. Liz Hui) and several other new providers who started in late 2020. They all are taking new patients and will treat any of your primary care needs."

If you are in need of medical care and are new to the area, give them a call. With the new doctor and physician assistants as well as friendly office staff, they are poised to be a leader in Lewis County.