SAL Board Expresses Their Gratitude

The Board of Sunday Afternoon Live would like to thank the members of American Legion Post 150, the members of American Legion Auxiliary Post 150, and the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Post 968 for their sponsorship of the annual Sunday Afternoon Live Red, White and Blue Concert at the Raymond Theatre. The Navy Band Northwest was grateful for the delicious lunch and the warm welcome they received from those members.
The stellar performance by the Navy Band Northwest was a rousing success and the final performance of the variety of events during the Musical Month of May at the Raymond Theatre.
Thank you to theater manager Anne Steele and Steve for their role in coordinating the numerous events at the theatre during the Musical Month of May. Not only is the theater Wurlitzer back in operation but there are some new silent movie fans! The theater remains an essential part in the lives Willapa Harbor and area residents.

Cecelia Seaman
Sunday Afternoon Live