Raymond Council welcomes new member

By Scot Pearson

Among the order of business was the recognition of Kaley Hanson the latest addition to the city council, effective March 10.

A special meeting held on that date was called for the select purpose to interview candidates to fill the vacated council position formerly held by Jason Dunsmoor.

Candidate names were drawn at random to provide order of the interview process defined in the following order; Robert Rise, Brent Bottoms, Steve Jones and Kaley Hanson. Candidates were advised to wait in the City Hall waiting room as individual interviews were conducted. Rise participated in his interview via telephone, already alerting the council that he would be away on business in a previous council meeting.

After the interview process, which primarily worked off a pre-provided 10-point questioner, Mayor Bob Jungar called for a 15-minute Executive session to discuss candidate qualifications and stated that they would return for the vote.

Upon returning the council marked their ballots and Hanson was determined the newly selected member. He was given the oath of office at that time.

I believe that Raymond is on the right track and hope to bring in a few new ideas with a new way of thinking about things,” said Hanson after his first official meeting, March 17.

After his acknowledgment to the position by Mayor Jungar at the opening of the March 17 meeting, the council got right down to business with a letter from American Legion Post #150. The letter, the annual request to hold the town’s Easter Egg Hunt, was passed without discussion and noted that the event will be held on April 20, at 1 pm at the 8th Street Park.

One item was brought up during the Public Comment session when a representative of the Public Market asked for assistance cleaning up debris that is outside the facility. Having previously brought the issue to the attention of the council, the area has still not been cleaned-up. Public Works Director Dean Parsons advised that he would look into it.

Reports were void of any actionable content and the group called for adjournment at approximately 6:09 p.m.

The next regular Raymond City Council meeting is scheduled for April 7, at 6 pm.