Raymond City Council to interview two mayoral candidates

City Clerk/Treasurer Hester Gilleland advised the council that a sub-A would be needed for the Public Hearing of Ordinance 1830 (the 2015 Proposed Budget), under Agenda Item 5. And with no public attending for discussion on the Ordinance, the Public Hearing opened and closed within a minute. The Council approved the 2015 Budget with one reading.

Sewer Rates were also voted on (Ordinance 1831) and a suggested $10 bi-monthly increase was majority approved into its second reading, Mayor Pro Tem Vickie Flemetis was the only nay vote.

Raymond Fire Chief Todd Strozyk led the discussion on the next two agenda items: Emergency Medical Service Agreements with Fire Districts 1 and 15. With District 15 agreeing to an increase in fares when serviced by the Raymond crew, District 1 agreement will remain as in the previous year. One voice of concern was raised by council member Ian Farrell wanting to understand the increase in the agreement to District 15, and if the increase had any bearing on the recent elevated cost of 911 Dispatching services. Chief Strozyk related that it did not, and was in a different category. The two agreements came out, All in Favor.

As the Chief had the floor, the meeting rolled into Department Head Reports and the Fire Chief made a brief mention of the Mill Street fire. He commended that all of his crews (including the volunteers) and was thankful for the cold weather. Embers floating off the blaze had caught wind and started landing on adjacent homes. The cold weather aided in the containment of the fire not leaving the property involved.

Police Chief Chuck Spoor related to the council that a new K-9 Patrol Dog is in the works and should be arriving shortly. The Raymond Police Department has only to travel to Indiana to select and transport the new member of the Raymond Police Department, who is already enrolled in his 10-week academy training starting after the first of the year. He promised to bring the new recruit into a council meeting so that they could greet the newcomer.

M. Dean Parsons, Raymond Public Works Director, notified the council that a letter had been received from the contractor wishing final payment for work on the Water Treatment Plant. He further advised that there was still one outstanding change-order, favoring the city, which had to be attended to prior to any payment going out.

Gilleland took her opportunity to remind the council of the upcoming Special Meeting that is scheduled on December 4. The meeting will be held in the City Council Chambers at 6:15 pm with a purpose of interviewing the two candidates for the open Mayor seat: Jason Dunsmoor and council member Ray Robinson. As both individuals are well known to the council, it is anticipated that a short question period will commence, council members will move into an Executive Session, and return with a new mayor selected. The Special Meeting is open to the public.

No other reports were brought to the council. They moved into an Executive Session for an estimated 30 minutes.

The next regular Raymond City Council meeting will be held December 15, at 6 pm; and with it perhaps a new mayor will be wielding the gavel.