Poachers Arrested with Deer Carcass in Trunk

OCEAN SHORES-The Ocean Shores Police Department discovered two deer poachers last month, on Monday, February 22. A resident reported hearing gunshots and seeing a vehicle driving back and forth in the area. The resident called 911 and an officer was on scene within two minutes.

The officer that responded to the 911 call stopped the car that was in question, and the occupants claimed that they were having fun by chasing a deer and shooting it with a pellet gun. The occupants of the vehicle, a 21 year old and a 20 year old both from Olympia, had dried blood as well as deer hair on their clothing and deer hair was observed to be caught in the trunk lid. The two occupants' stories to explain their condition were inconsistent, and the occupants refused to let the officers look inside the trunk.

The occupant's vehicle was seized due to probable cause in the belief that the suspects had killed a dear. A search warrant was obtained for the car, and in the trunk was a dead doe with the head removed.

A powerful air rifle and a hunting knife were also recovered.