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Peru Mission April 2014

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We have watched in awe as we have been the first to benefit from the mission. This year, I have become more intensely aware of the fact that this mission is first of all for our team because we have more to gain from our Peruvian friends than they have from us. Specifically, I believe Phil. 4: 11-12 is manifested in the community of Iquitos because we see firsthand what it means to be surrounded with people who are content with what they have whether they are abased or abound, are hungry or full. We hear the words, mui bien, meaning very good with a smile regardless of their external circumstances. With conditions of filth, no clean water, hunger, terribly inadequate shelter with plastic and tarp, loss of sight altogether due to the inability to have something as simple as cataract surgery or the inability to have a pair of dollar store glasses to read,, and the list goes on, It does not change the attitude of these precious people. We may be able to feed them beans and rice and feed them temporarily but they feed us from the wells that will continue to be replenished thorough out eternity. With this reflection in mind, I humbly share what the Lord has given our team the privilege of bringing to these people.


  1. Distribution of eyeglasses for farsightedness to approximately 550 individuals with all receiving spiritual literature either Steps to Christ or Glo tracts

  2. Distribution of GLO tracts all over Iquitos, probably about 7,000!

  3. Evangelistic series of meetings, introducing souls to the love Jesus Christ has for us and how we can respond to that love I the community of Tupak. These meetings were very well attended filing up the church where the meetings were held over 10 meetings. Each regular participant received a Bible.

  4. Children’s programs preceding the adult meetings in Tupak each night. The children loved the felt stories each night giving them knowledge of how Jesus has the power through his life, death and resurrection to respond to every need we have. They were given over 1,000 small packs of crayons, 6 to a pack. So now each family in the community that attended the meetings have a collection of crayons which is a treasured possession for them.

  5. One of our most significant ministries this year was our prison ministry. We visited the men’s and women”s prison this year. Typically we only have been able to go to the men’s facility. Each person in the prison responding to a call to accept Jesus into their lives and begin a new life in Christ Jesus got a Bible which totaled about 40 precious souls. Others in the prison got life changing tracts and Steps to Christ.

  6. We visited 6 different communities we have previously worked in distributing literature, eyeglasses, hygiene packs and food. These communities have been doing AMAZING things for the Lord. This had to be a highlight for me seeing how the Lord is working with the seeds that have been planted over the years. The churches that we visited are Union, San Pablo de Luce, Cross of the South, Modelo, Punchana, and Tupak, We begin our visits in the churches in these areas finding out how the work has been progressing over the past year. Mostly it is pretty easy to see because the churches are growing with more people and churches which have doors, concrete floors, and other needed improvements. The Lord plants the seeds through our group and then they grow. Then we take prayer requests and praises, claim Bible promises, sing songs, then distribute food and other necessities. An average of 1,500 people in the communities were benefited by these resources.

  7. We left resources and set up families to help with the building of two houses in Union. One house only had tarps for walls and a roof for a family of 5. The mother in this family asked for prayer for her home when we were visiting for food distribution. We followed up to visit and saw one of the saddest, most needy sights we have seen over the years.. The mom of three small children also desperately needs cataract surgery which we haven’t yet done, but I’m sure we’ll find a way. You are welcome to contribute to this cause. The other home that was “remodeled” had only a partial roof and boards. One of our students took on that project by himself and financed the full amount.

  8. 20 new chairs were purchased for $470 soles for the Union church to accommodate new members who have been bringing their chairs to church to have enough seating..

  9. Uniforms and books were purchased for children to attend school which, without these resources makes school inaccessible.

  10. Multiple individual projects were sponsored by students as they went door to door distributing hygiene packs and praying for the people. These projects ranged from helping purchase food, buying shoes and clothes, to getting medication, helping with natural, easily applied home remedies.

  11. Supporting two families to come to the meetings from the San Pablo de Luce community to Tupak by getting transportation. One of these families who has been the victim of abuse upon the mom and children for years has finally gotten stronger in the Lord to seek help from the police and gotten legal assistance to keep herself and her children safe.

  12. Giving $200 to paint the bus inside and outside that supports the transportation for the People of Pero Project. Before we could start on the painting project, the bus died so the money is seed $ for some other mode of transportation.

  13. Leveling the ground and filling in with dirt to the tune of $600-$800 to build up the back area for parking and storing vehicles for the People of Peru Project.

  14. Purchasing a projector and screen for the San Pablo de Luce community in order to do 4 evangelistic campaigns and small groups a year to share the gospel with every single person in their community. That investment of $900 is a project this community has asked for help with for a number of years and it felt SO good to deliver on the request.

  15. Starting a small store for a family who has no family support and is a single mother with 3 children.

  16. Well over $6,000 was spent for the mission in Iquitos, Peru for the communities there. This does not include the 18 suitcases full of Bibles, Steps to Christ, hygiene articles, crayons and children s supplies, clothes, eyeglasses, and many other much needed items.

  17. There are many other multiple supports for the mission by each and every individual member of our team who planted seeds for the furtherance of the gospel. Mostly our prayers and the Good News of the gospel were the greatest resources we could EVER share.

  18. Last and definitely not least, we are grateful beyond words for the tremendous sacrifice of the families and friends back home who made all of this possible.




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