New writing center opens in Aberdeen

New writing center opens in Aberdeen

Ruth and Gregory Zschomler have recently opened Harbor House in order to assist aspiring wordsmiths with their writing and editing needs.

A new business has opened up in Aberdeen: Harbor House Center for Writing and Arts.

The directors at the head of this new business are Gregory and Ruth Zschomler. The pair are originally from Southwest Washington, though they most recently resided in Cannon Beach, Ore.

Gregory has been writing full-time since 2012. The couple moved here in July, the new business being their plan from the beginning.

"We had this vision for a writing center and started looking for houses a year ago. The first house we found was very spacious, but, before we were able to make an offer, the deal was closed to someone else. We started looking up and down the coast. Many we went out and saw; some were too small, some were too ratty and most closed before we could get to them," said Gregory.

Gregory went on to detail how it was they found the house they are currently located at, explaining that it was persistence that allowed the doors of this house to remain open to them, as there was another party that was interested in the property bidding against them.

Gregory explained that they had planned this writing center as a response to their personal passion, but also pointed out that such a facility could be beneficial to the Grays Harbor Area.

"Obviously we're both writers and Ruth, with her degree, has a desire to teach. I have been involved in writers' groups for a long time and I belong to Northwest Independent Writers Association. I've contacted lots of writers in the area, and I know that there are needs. I know that there are not just people who are already involved; a lot of people desire to do this and don't know where to begin," said Gregory.

It's to questions surrounding issues pertaining to things like publishing and all levels of journalism and print that the Zschomler's can lend themselves.

"Our experience gives us some credibility and ability to do that. It's a response to a need and our passion: Helping people find their voice and pursue their passion. We love to help people fulfill visions that they have," Gregory explained.

The Harbor House is located at 510 West First Street, and you can go to for further informaiton.

Some of the offerings included at Harbor House are weekend writing work shops, the ability to casually drop in for writing and editing assistance, Teen Tuesdays when free help is given with writing assignments and essays from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m., book clubs, writers group, arts and crafts classes and quarterly public readings.

The by-the-day fee is $5. There's a card good for ten uses for $40. A monthly pass is $65 and yearly membership is $499.

The Harbor House's first publishing seminar will be held on Saturday, Oct. 15 from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. and costs $10 to attend. The seminar is called "What Publishing Path is Right for You?" and will be presented by Gregory. The seminar will look at the state of the publishing industry, and go into detail about predictions for the future of publishing: Why, how, and when to indie publish and things of that nature. The second hour of the seminar will cover steps to self-publishing using Amazon's CreateSpace.