Napavine school hosts a petting zoo

By Jillian Fuss

Napavine school hosts a petting zoo

On March 16, the Napavine FFA hosted a petting zoo. Children from the Napavine elementary were welcomed over. Napavine middle school and high school students were also able to visit the zoo.

Animals such as sheep, pigs and rabbits were featured at the petting zoo. There was also a dog, guinea pig, chicks and two hedgehogs. Lela Stewart spent all of her day tending to her chicks and catering to the small children visiting.

Elementary students were delighted to be greeted by the small animals. Several students were shown how to hold and pet the animals. Smiles appeared on their faces as they viewed and touched animals. A popular animal was the chicks, there were plenty of them for kids to individually touch and hold.

High school students drop in during the morning and their lunch break to view animals. Plenty of students dropped by, Cortney Oster and Jenna Conrad being two seniors who came. Two sophomores, Sydney Burdick and Riley Beeson were happy to hold Hazelnut, the hedgehog.

"The animals here are so cute!" Beeson commented. "I really like this activity."

Burdick and Beeson stopped by during their lunch hour and petted several animals.

The petting zoo was a way to bring some fun to the school. There was a lot of work put into setting up the zoo. There were animal crates, cages and pens set up. The pigs required a lot of room and the chicks had to be overseen.

The wood shop teacher, David Rutherford has worked hard at keeping the class clean and constructing more activities for FFA members. Students in FFA such as Lela Stewart, Andrew Ross and Seth Harris are very content with Rutherford's work. There have been several opportunities to compete and place in FFA, Mr. Rutherford has made sure his kids can go. Programs such as FFA and the wood shop classes have made fun, friendly and educational activities like the Napavine petting zoo, possible.