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Mrs. Shores Kindergarten Class Raymond Elementary

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Dear Santa,

Can I please have a plastice four wehhler. Can I please have a remoted helicoperter? Can my mom please have some papers? My dad would want parts for tractors. Maybe my sister wants a doll.


Dear santa,

I lke the toys I dot last year at christams, This year I want new toys, bayblades. They’re little wheels and they come with something and a zipper and you twist is and it clix and rip it and it spinz out. I want new ninja turtles and I want new books. Ones about ninja turtles and pokemon skyolanders and I want that fuff for my sister like new hairbands cuase all of them got broken and I want anew ball to play soccer.


Dear Santa,

My favorite present you never brought me was spiderman on a helicpter and a big spiderman toy that has webs to shoot out his rams. A montsr truck had 5 weels on it. On wheel on top and it can spin around with a remoter controller like my bother james. I like scooters at PE and I like the yellow balls and the kicthcen set with the house.


Dear santa

What I want for Christmas is a stuffed animal of Hello Kitty. I lke santa and you’re the nest cause you’re really nice and everything you bring me I love it. For my family I want to have a big tv to go in the living romm and for my daddy I want a telescope to look at the moon and every plante for my mommy I want a big vcr and a big tv then a mini tv and that’s it.


Dear santa,

I like my onw toys like my army guy. I share them with my brother. We have two army guys for me and one form my brother. I want new toys like a drum. I like drums and I like you. My brothers scored of santa but when I don on his lape he goes on his lap. I like your reinders and I like to sleep when you come I look of the window then I hide and you suy, ho ho ho mery christams and I’m on the good liest.


Dear Satna,

Hows my family? Can you bring me some presents santa? Hows my cousin?


Dear santa,

Im being nice to my family and they buy me stuff. They buy me shoes, I bee nice to my sister and I hug her. Would you buy me some shirts , pants a hat and gloves and shoes. Am I being nice to kids?


Dear Santa,

I liked the present last year. I like you giving presents to kids. I think it’s kind. I wish I had a toy zummer tha I saw on tv Thank you.



Dear santa

I like presents. I like to play with them. I like them cause they’re so plaful and I like stuffed animals and stuff and I like santa.


Dear santa,

For Christmas I like your toys. I like to play with your toys. I wont you to buy a light for Christmas, a blue one. My sister would like treazur for Christmas.


Dear Santa,

We like you favorite toys, like a toy princess. I know what my sister wants, she wants a Minnie mouse stuffed aminal.


Dear santa,

Can you like git me a present like a RC car that’s really fast? And the RC race car is really really fast.


Dear santa,

Santa can you get me a new Pet shop toy? Hi santa.


Dear Santa,

You iknow what I want please? I want a baby kitty who’s a toy because I like them. Also, a baby bumble bee stufty. Two things is enough.


Dear Santa,

I want a present special toy like a race car and I want floves to pick up wodd and a firetuck.


Dear Santa,

I want a mote control helicopter for Christmas please. What do you eat for lumch? I thinkyou eat cooking and mmilk. I want to do that.


Dear Santa,

I have a santa blankert did you now that? Bring presents! Bring a toy to grandma and my mom. If its worm do you get the mail? I want to give you tape for your presents. Ethan wants spiderman and Mario brothers and me to.


Dear Santa,

I like you and I like when you bring toys. I like when you give toys to us. Please I want a lobser.


Dear Santa,

Bring me a surprise! Bring me a table. Bring me colors. Bring me toys.



Dear santa,

Happy Birtday. I like to have you bring presents. I like you to bring my sister my mom my dad and my brother presents. Com to our party. My mom and my dad said happy birthday and they want to see you and my teacher.


Dear Santa,

I like my ipod and I lke when your goonna bring me something special.









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