McClain to run for prosecutor



SOUTH BEND – Former Pacific County Chief Deputy Prosecutor Mark McClain announced his candidacy for Pacific County Prosecutor. McClain is best known for the conviction of two Pacific County murder cases, including Devon Moore of South Bend and Brian Brush of Long Beach.

McClain successfully prosecuted Brush for the murder of his fiancé, Lisa Boney, and Moore for the murder of his father, Timothy Moore.

"The overwhelming support and encouragement from so many community members made it clear Pacific County is ready for a change,” McClain told the Herald.

I bring efficient, effective and proven abilities to ensure those who rape, rob, and murder in this community are successfully prosecuted,” McClain said. “We also need a dedicated civil prosecutor to protect our natural resource lands which drive our economy.” 
McClain pointed out that the Pacific County prosecutor serves as the legal advisor to all county departments and boards, prosecutes all felony matters which are committed in the county and those misdemeanor offenses committed in unincorporated areas of the county, and serves as the County Coroner.

My experience prosecuting complex cases, in private practice, and service as both a civil attorney for a county and as a county commissioner make me uniquely qualified to serve our community, especially as we address issues like the Shoreline Master Program with its wide-ranging and long-term impacts,” McClain. Added.
When asked about party affiliation McClain said, “It’s unfortunate that these are partizan offices. I believe when you hire an attorney, you don’t ask about his or her politics, you ask about his effectiveness, and I believe the voters in this community share that view, so I will run as an Independent.” McClain said.

When asked by the Herald if running as an independent could affect his chances of getting elected, he said:
“I frequently hear that these positions should be non-partisan and now the community can demonstrate that is what they want,” McClain said. “Besides, when you hire an attorney, you ask about their abilities, not their party affiliation. 

McClain noted that his campaign committee consists of Democrats and Republicans.

Prosecuting crime, protecting natural resources, and providing proven legal advise and leaderships have been the hallmarks of my service to the community and what will mark my service as prosecutor,” McClain said.

Asked by the Herald what's the biggest change you would like to see happen in the Pacific County prosecutor's office, McClain answered, “Virtually every county has a dedicated civil attorney and for good reason. Legislation like the Shoreline Master Program and other land use issues have profound implications for natural resources, forestry, farming and fisheries industries and our local decision-makers need legal support to protect these important economic drivers.”

McLain resides in Raymond and is employed in Lewis County as a Deputy Prosecutor III. He was raised in Arizona, went to undergraduate school at the University of Oregon and Law School at University of Idaho.

McClain said that for additional information he can be reached at or follow his Facebook page at