Man arrested after high speed chase



After a high speed chase, Justin f. Bailey, 38, of Cosmopolis, was arrested near Raymond last Thursday on charges of attempting to elude law enforcement vehicles (a felony), D=driving with a suspended license and for an outstanding warrant from the Department of Corrections.

A Pacific County Sheriff’s deputy attempted to stop the vehicle that Bailey was driving just north of the city limits of Raymond on Highway 101 when the chase began. The vehicle Bailey was driving fled from the deputy and other officers at high speeds. The pursuit traveled several miles and entered Grays Harbor County. Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s deputies joined in the pursuit as the suspect vehicle continued to flee. The suspect vehicle fled onto a logging road just off of North River Road. The suspect vehicle was halted and the driver, Justin Bailey, was taken into custody without further incident.

Agencies involved with the pursuit were the Pacific County Sheriff’s Office, the Raymond Police Department, the Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s Office and the Department of Natural Resources Police.

In other crime news, Roger James Collins is a registered sex offender now residing in Pacific County. Collins, 42, is homeless, which requires weekly checking in at the pacific County Sheriff’s Office. Collinshas brown hair and blue eyes.

Collin's charges include two counts of communication with a minor for immoral purposes; sexual abuse in the first degree and failure to register as a sex offender.

The hearing in the State of Washington vs. Erica Lizama Bordner case was continued.

Pacific County Superior Court

Proceedings were conducted in the sex offender case of Darrell Blake Newman.

The hearing was conducted and judge Sullivan ruled that the state could introduce certain statements (that) Mr. Jones made," Pacific County Chief Deputy Mark McClain told the Herald. “A 3.5 hearing is required when the state seeks to use any statements the defendant made. This failure to register as a sex offender matter will continue to trial at this point.”

Marcia Roxane Harper entered a plea during the pretrial hearing. She was sentenced to 60 days in jail. Harper is accused of theft of a motor vehicle and attempting to elude police officers. 

Ms. Harper entered a plea to attempting to elude a pursuing police vehicle, which is a felony,” McClain said. “Ms. Harper's matter required the state to first send her to Western State Hospital for competency restoration.  Once she was returned, she had served nearly six months in jail.  She was sentenced to 60 days in custody and her driving privileges were suspended.”  

Kevin Waymon Carle was in court Friday for a Status Hearing. His case was continued until May. Currently, Carle is undergoing preliminary matters at Western State.

Lisa Marie Neaman's case was also continued Friday.

Ronald J. Bergholm pleaded guilty to assault in the second degree after attacking his long-time girlfriend with a knife.

"If Mr. Bergholm is convicted of two more 'strike' offenses, he will be held in prison for life," McClain said. “The victim was supportive of the resolution and he will be required to complete a jail sentence and probation with the department of corrections."

Gabriel A. Garvin pleaded guilty to delivery of methamphetamine and first degree escape.

"Mr. Garvin had been on probation with the department of corrections for a prior narcotics offense and failed to maintain contact as required," McClain said. "This may not seem like an escape from a jail or prison, (but) when someone fails to maintain contact with their probation officer they can be charged with escape, and when that person sells methamphetamine while on probation, I felt that charging the more serious offense of escape was warranted. Mr. Garvin will serve five years in prison followed by additional probation."

In another drug case Friday, Randay Medina Jimenez had his methamphetamine case continued to trial.

The case of Kenny Taylor of Raymond was continued until this Friday. Taylor was arrested on one count of possession of methamphetamine with intent to deliver and one count of distributing narcotics to a person under the age of 18. Taylor’s bail was set at $250,000.

Also, Marshall Disney's case was reset.

Alfred Louis Gervasio appealed his case in Superior Court Jan. 24. This was an appeal from South District Court where Gervasio was convicted of criminal trespass and sought review of his conviction. Judge Michael Sullivan  upheld the conviction. The matter was returned to South District Court for sentencing.

Kevin Gorham of Ocean Park pleaded guilty to forgery. Gorham forged a check to purchase items from Okies Thriftway and was sentenced to 22 months in prison and Gorham was also required to repay $945.00 in restitution to the store. “Given Mr. Gorham’s criminal history, and the apparent inability to live within the law, the 22 month prison sentence was appropriate,” McClain said. “But unfortunately, the legislature long ago removed probation for property related crimes, so Mr. Gorham will not receive supervision once released from prison.”

 Douglas Irwin Peterson, Jr. of North Cove entered a guilty plea to possession of stolen property and was sentenced to 18 months in prison. Peterson was wanted on a felony warrant. The Pacific County Sheriff’s Office learned he was staying with his girlfriend in the North Cove area.  Officers knocked on the door and when it opened they observed Peterson Jr in a chair.  He was immediately taken into custody and several large knives where on his person.  Once secured in handcuffs, Deputy Vance Johnson searched Peterson and located six stolen credit and debit cards on him. 

Deputy Johnson’s dogged determination in locating wanted subjects and his effort to locate the owners of the credit cards allowed us to secure a conviction in this case,” McClain said. “We are lucky to live in a community where officers truly work to solve property crimes, as officers in other communities simply do not work property cases like our local officers do.”

The matters which are arraignment and trail setting will have additional details available at a later date.  

Miguel Carrazco, 30, of South Bend, entered guilty pleas to three counts of delivery of methamphetamine and one count of possession of methamphetamine with intent to deliver while armed with a deadly weapon. Carrazco will be on probation following his release from prison with the requirement that he complete drug treatment.

Being armed with a deadly weapon while possessing narcotics increases the offense to a strike offense,”McClain said. “Under the Persistent Offender Accountability Act, three convictions for certain felony offenses results in imprisonment for life. This is Mr. Carrazco’s first strike and his sentence of 100 months in prison was warranted despite the fact that this was his first felony conviction. It was the hard work of the (Pacific County Drug) Task Force, and the decision of the local law enforcement agencies and Sheriff Scott Johnson, to make drug trafficking a law enforcement priority which has allowed us to successfully prosecute these offenders, drug offenses, and the thefts and burglaries which follow significantly damages communities.”

Michael Allen Jones of Raymond pleaded guilty to felony possession of a controlled substance for possession of one oxycodone pill.  Jones was sentenced to 30 days in jail followed by 12 months of community custody. Jones had been detained by officers of the Raymond Police Department for rendering criminal assistance, resisting arrest and possession of a dangerous weapon.

Pharmaceutical drug trafficking remains an issue  and in this case this drug often leads to heroin use, and for that reason we agreed to a modest jail sentence, but required that Mr. Jones be on community custody and complete a drug evaluation and comply with any recommended services,” McClain said.

Kyler James Pratt, 24, of South Bend, entered a guilty plea to two counts of delivery of methamphetamine. “Mr. Pratt has been the subject of an undercover narcotics investigation conducted by the Pacific County Narcotics Task Force where a confidential informant had been introduced to Mr. Pratt and he sold them methamphetamine,” McClain informed. “Mr. Pratt will serve 20 months in prison for this offense followed by 12 months of probation, which will require that he participate in drug treatment.”