Listen to Those Who Work With Burke, and Know to Vote for McClain

For someone who claims to have been an attorney, Michael Spencer seems to miss some very basic legal concepts like an allegation is merely that, and when it is unfounded, it means someone in authority looked into the claim and found no wrongdoing. Perhaps Spencer's failure to grasp this important principle is why he is "retired." Some people call that unemployable, but if he chooses "retired" who am I to argue. It seems to me that Spencer, and the ilk like him, are examples of what is wrong with politics.

Spewing innuendo as fact and slandering good people for sport is why more good candidates don't come forward to serve their community. Thank goodness most of us see Spencer for what he truly is. I mean really, first he doesn't think much of Burke, but isn't as bad as McClain, and this time adds something about a recall petition. As everyone knows, any crackpot can file a recall petition, but once filed it goes before a Superior Court Judge who determined whether the petition is valid.

As we learned, McClain as the Chairman of the Board of County Commissioners, while protecting the environment, filed an appeal of a massive power plant project. A disgruntled proponent of the project filed the petition against all three Commissioners and it was immediately thrown out by the judge, meaning McClain and the Board did nothing wrong.

Spencer's skewed world view is perhaps why he thinks it is OK for Burke to decide not to prosecute a government official because it's too expensive. I wonder, would Spencer feel that way if the person stole from him or robbed his house? How would you feel? Perhaps he also supports Burke giving a drug dealing county employee her job back.

Myself, I'm more supportive of McClain's effort to send the methamphetamine dealing employee to prison, which he did. Burke allowed the county to give her job back to her, plus back-pay, despite the fact that undercover police were purchasing methamphetamine from her.

Prosecution, police, fire and a number of things that protect our community cost money. Justice isn't free and a just result shouldn't be for sale, unless you're Mike Spencer and David Burke. What a pair....

I wonder, is Spencer also OK with Burke leaving every day at noon to campaign? That's six months of our $100,000 a year lawyer out being a politician rather than doing the people's work.

I say we should listen to those who have worked with these two men and unanimously endorsed Mark McClain. Shouldn't we really question why every law enforcement department and cop wants Burke out?

And by the way, wasn't it Burke who said McClain was the right choice for our tough choices.

Thank you,