Inslee continues fight for education during second special session



Editor’s Note: Governor Inslee sent the Herald an update about the second special session conducted in the Washington Legislature.

By Governor JAY INSLEE

As we wrap up the second week of our second special session, I want to share an update from Olympia.

While quite a bit of time has passed, my priorities remain the same. Every day, I am working to protect our commitment to funding education, while keeping our vital services to our most vulnerable intact, and every day, I'm pushing to pass a transportation package to protect our communities and grow jobs.

All over the state, Washington's transportation infrastructure helps people get to work, moves crops from the field to the store, and carries freight to market.

Keeping that system safe and strong is mission critical to our state's economy and it's one of state government's most important responsibilities. The recent Skagit Bridge collapse is a stark reminder of the critical role our transportation system plays in our communities and economy.

My team, along with a diverse coalition of stakeholders, is working day and night to get a transportation package passed that keeps Washington moving forward.

But this isn't just about supporting the economic activity moving through our transportation system – it’s also about the jobs a transportation package would create. If we can come together in Olympia and pass a strong transportation package, it will generate well-paying, middle-class jobs in every corner of the state and help jump-start Washington's economic recovery.

My team and I are also working hard to support our long-term economic recovery by meeting our moral and constitutional duty to fully fund our kids' education. My budget principles continue to reflect my values – making sure our kids get the best education without continuing to slash the critical services kids need to help them be successful in school.

As the budget deadline nears and we seek to avoid a government shutdown, I will continue to insist on a budget compromise that reflects our values. Thank you for your continued engagement. I’ll keep you posted.


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