First Street Pinball and Arcade opens on Egg Day

By Lynnette Hoffman

First Street Pinball and Arcade opens on Egg Day

A peek inside First Street Pinball and Arcade

Winlock has a new business opening on Egg Day that many have wondered what it is. First Street Pinball and Arcade located at 312 and 314 NE First street, next to The Club is opening for adults and kids, all ages are welcome. It's not just a pinball arcade, there is arts and crafts as well. John Summers has the arcade and Jera Boettcher is the art and life skills instructor.

John has been enjoying pinball machines for 30 years, it is definitely his passion. Jera has worked in the Portland School District working with students on the spectrum, she is bringing her art talent to Winlock. You will find when you meet both of them, they have a passion to provide something for students and adults alike.

The pinball is for students and adults, many adults have enjoyed pinball machines growing up. John stated, "We started the arcade and art studio to give all ages a fun activity. I have been collecting and repairing pinball machines for 30 years. I would like to see all ages come in and play. Some will learn pinballs for the first time and others will remember the older pinball machines." The machines available to play are Pac Man, Air hockey, Foosball table Friction Fun Game and Daytona USA where you have the ability to race another player.

Games that have two players playing head to head competition will teach many things, John continued, "Some of the tables and games have 'head to head' competition. This teaches social skills, competitive skills along with team playing. Families will enjoy time out playing each other and other games."

Games range from different ages, John stated, "Many of the older games from the mid 70's will be an opportunity for adults to take a walk back in time for nostalgia." Many of us remember air hockey and Pac Man, bringing back wonderful memories.

Jera has also created a Boomerang Room, this is the area she will teach arts and crafts, along with life skills to students. She enjoys working with kids, she lights up when she talks about what she is bringing to Winlock. She stated, "In Portland Public Schools, I worked with students on the spectrum utilizing various art projects. The projects range from drawing, decoupage, painting clothes, art and other wearables, and clay. I enjoy working with art students to help them identify the art they appreciate and can excel at."

Jera also has plans for other events, she continued, "My plans for the future is to provide a movie night for kids. This will give parents an opportunity to go to dinner or take a break for an hour or two. This will also give your child the opportunity to enjoy a movie night with friends. Movie varieties will change, starting with Disney Movies."

Jera and John recently moved to Winlock and love the sense of community and something for children and adults to enjoy. Jera stated, "I will offer small groups of six. It gives me the opportunity to work with each student individually while they learn social skills, art, coordination and a time to meet new friends.We will be teaching age appropriate skills to include working with wood and different tools for if skills."

Snacks will be available, they will have all natural snacks and also juice and soda. Most pinball machines are $0.25. A change machine will be installed shortly but in the meantime, someone will be there to make change in case players are in need.

Art classes are available in 2 hour increments and all supplies are included in the price.
Take a few moments to stop in on Egg Day, see what they have to offer and also chat with John and Jera. The excitement and opportunity to help the community is their main goal and once you meet them, you will see they have a passion for what they are doing.