Dione Shubach takes over Winlock Eye Clinic

By Lynnette Hoffman

Dione Shubach takes over Winlock Eye Clinic

Dione Schubach

The Winlock Eye Clinic was sold last year to Dione Schubach and she is just the right fit for south Lewis County. She is excited to be here and working with her clients, but we are just as happy she decided on Winlock to start her independent Practice. Dione is outgoing and cares for her patients, that is obvious. She lights up when she talks about being here and helping those who come in.

Dione is new to Winlock, but she is not new to being an eye doctor. She loves Winlock and when asked why she chose Winlock, she stated, "I chose Winlock because I enjoyed the patients that I met during my time filling in at the clinic. My days were enjoyable and everyone was very friendly. In the end, it made me feel as if I could envision myself here for a very long time."

There is no doubt Dione enjoys being here. "I like the sense of community in Winlock," she said. "In a bigger city, you get lost in the numbers, but here in Winlock, people know your name at the bank and the grocery store. Essentially, you feel like you're making a difference in the lives of your friends and neighbors."

Dione can help with your vision and other services as well. She thoroughly enjoys her practice and offers various services. As Dione stated, "We treat a variety of ocular diseases and provide comprehensive eye care. Whether it is an annual eye exam, new glasses, a repair, or treating an eye infection, we are here for you."

It's not just the eye care you will receive, you will also find she cares about her patients and their ability to get what they need. She also appreciates her patients."I am honored to be so welcomed and happy to take care of all their eye care needs," she said.

Dione was very easy to sit and talk with, she has the Winlock feel, warm and friendly. She is open Tuesday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and is located at 118 SE First Street.

If you are in need of eye care, give her a call. You will be happy you did!