Coburn recovering from cancer; thankful to community


I've been recovering for the last two weeks, but it looks like they were able to completely remove the tumors, so I should be cancer free. And the removal of the adrenal gland should have cured my Cushing Syndrome,” Coburn said. She will have another scan to confirm this in August.

She was diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma, a kidney cancer, on March 26 when a CT scan of her left adrenal gland revealed the tumors. She was being examined to verify whether or not she had Cushing Syndrome, which she did. “It was stage one, so they caught it in the very early stages, before it spread to any other organs or lymph nodes,” Coburn explained.

I'm not feeling 100 percent yet, but my doctors said I probably won't feel myself for at least a month. My doctors say I'm healing very nicely. I get tired easily and I'm sore where the incision was which is about a 14-inch cut along the left side of my stomach. It's a little difficult to cough or take deep breaths. It overall feels like sunburn, in a way,” Coburn said about her recovery.

Coburn’s sister, Cherie Reeves, held raised $2,000 in an online donation-based fundraiser to support her during her time off from work throughout her recovery period. The congregation at the Lebam Community Church gave the majority of the funds. Fortunately, Coburn’s insurance has covered the medical expenses so far.

I thank [the community] for their support through continued prayers, cards messages and those who have helped financially, as well. It makes recovery much more pleasant,” Kimmi said.

This is Coburn’s second time with cancer. When she was six-years-old, she had rhabdomyosarcoma, stage four, in a tumor behind her right ear.

Coburn also loves getting cards in the mail from people back home. Send her a greeting at: 6909 13th Ave S Minneapolis, MN 55423.