City of Napavine hires new clerk

By Lynnette Hoffman

City of Napavine hires new clerk

Rachelle Denham

The City of Napavine has a new city clerk and she fits right in. Rachelle Denham has the personality and skills to make the Napavine City Hall a great place to do business. One of the things enjoyable about Rachelle is the way she talks to people. There is no doubt when you walk away from Rachelle after doing business, you will know you have received the best customer service possible.

"I live just outside of Napavine and have always loved the charm of this small community," said Rachelle. "When I saw the posting for the city clerk, I believed that it would be the perfect fit for my personality."

Rachelle has been employed by Security State Bank, Lewis County Assessors, and attended Centralia College. Her previous roles have prepared her for helping Napavine.

Rachelle continued, "Even though I don't have any real experience in government, I have worked in management roles most of my adult life. I am also extremely organized, a quick learner, willing to take on challenging roles, and I'm good with people."

In her new role, she works with a council which is somewhat like a board, she stated, "I have enjoyed my interactions with the council and look forward to deepening the relationships as I grow in my role. I appreciate all their patience with me as I'm learning."

"Moving from the private sector to government work has been my biggest challenge," she said. "There are a lot more rules dealing with the government than I expected. Even though I have already learned a ton of new things just in my short time with the City of Napavine, I know there will be many more learning curves to come, and I look forward to the growth it will provide me."

An important role in her position is leadership, she stated, "I was hired as the city clerk and that comes with several important responsibilities. But I believe my role is to be a leader within the City of Napavine and to be a good steward of the position that I hold. If it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you."

Napavine Mayor Shawn O'Neill is thrilled to have a new clerk in place, he stated, "At first Rachelle's management, and financial experience really stood out during the selection process. After she was hired and moved into her office there was a noticeable difference in the general feel and mood of the office. Rachelle has caught on quickly, and has already made several improvements to city processes within the clerk's office. Her cheery disposition, genuine desire to learn and professionalism is valued by her co-workers and this is evident when you walk in the door. This was a big win for the citizens of Napavine!"

Mayor Pro Tem LaVerne Haslett feels the new City Clerk Rachelle Denham is doing a really good job. She expresses her opinion that Rachelle is a team player, a leader that stands for that which will benefit the city, "A city at the top of the hill, whose light cannot be hidden," Haslett said. "She has grabbed right ahold, you'd think she had been a city clerk for years...Napavine is better for having her, she is going to do the right thing, not just what is expedient or benefits her own interest. Truly, that is what will keep a city healthy."

If you have not had the opportunity to meet Rachelle, please stop in Napavine City Hall and introduce yourself.

Rachelle is married to Stacy Denham and has one son, Colby.