City League Basketball on the run

By Scot Pearson

"We have been playing in the Aberdeen League, but the traveling was starting to get too much for many players. We decided to try and hold a men's leagues here in Raymond," said Kaley Hanson organizer of the local city league.

Three games are run each night with a generic 20-minute half, leaving a little time for overtime if needed, with games ending around 9 pm.

With the announcement of the league, the Association was able to pull in three local teams and four additional teams from the Aberdeen League which now travel to Raymond to participate in the games.

One of the games last Wednesday (April 15) pitted two of the local teams, Willapa Printing against Pitchwood Ale House as the opening game of the night.

At the half, Pitchwood had a small advantage over the home Willapa Printing Team 17-14. This game had 21-minute halves as the league is still adjusting the times to try and make the evening flow better.

In the final minutes, Willapa Printing was able to close the gap and the game with the teams trading back and forth for the lead. Each team was also utilizing their timeouts to try and get final second control of the ball and that last second run at the basket.

For Willapa Printing, one point down and 15 seconds on the clock, Ryan Tully was able to get the ball to Rob Verbooman, who drew a foul off Pitchwood's Blake Williams. Verboomen hit one of two awarded shots from the foul line, which brought the game to a 46-46 standstill, with possession to Pitchwood.

Pitchwood took their time out and went for the double pass from Styles Acrey to Jordon McAuley to Tom Clements in quick secession, who just missed a jumper as time ran out, sending the game into overtime.

The teams reset with a jump ball and four minutes and it was all out rough and rumble basketball while sending many to the foul line and even cost Willapa Printing one player, Tully, who went down with a twisted ankle. Tully was the high scorer for Willapa Printing with 10, even going out before the end of the game.

Pitchwood took advantage to their speed, hitting the short baskets and deflecting the Printers' offense, only allowing them an additional two points in the overtime period.

Pitchwood took the game 57-48.

Leading the Pitchwood offense, Clements netted 13 points with five rebounds, supported by Hanson with 11 and 5, and McAuley, 10 and 3. Other top scorers for Willapa Printing were Stephen Camenzind, nine with one rebound, and Aaron VanBron, six with eight.

See the results from last week's match-ups and go catch a game as the season is just getting started.