Bottom Lineā€¦Pot Growing Business Helps Economic Situation

Pat Myers



This is not a question of morality. This is not a case where one has to believe that marijuana should or shouldn't be legalized. Nor is it a case where you have to believe that the use of pot is good or evil. If this business were going to be operated on and in Washington State soil, why wouldn't our Port jump at this opportunity? 

As far as our community is concerned, we just plain need the economic growth. At this point in time, our city leaders should heavily romance any legitimate industry that looks in this community’s direction. I have watched this community shrink for the last 18 years that I have lived here and many of you have been watching and living its decline since the 50s. This farm business could employ as many as 50 people. That is 50 weekly paychecks to individuals and families who then turn and buy goods and services from other local business who then turn and pay their employees and circle continues and continues and continues. It is good for everyone.

The farm itself will be highly regulated by the Washington State Liquor Control Board and will come complete with secure operating procedures and a security force. So, if you think the local drug dealers will be lurking in the darkness outside the back door waiting for their shipment, think again. In fact, by the taking of control of the cannabis business, the State will be depriving the black market dealers of a very large portion of their present clientele, the adult pot smoker. 


Pat Myers,

Raymond, Wash.