Beekeeping Seminar Thurs.

Mark your calendars for February 13th, as members of the Willapa River Beekeeping Club will be giving a presentation on the vitally important and intrinsically satisfying art of beekeeping for those of you who wish to start raising honeybees. This meeting, which begins at 6:30 p.m. at the Raymond Farmers Market, next to Dennis Company, will cover topics ranging from how to care for bees and where to obtain apiary supplies, to capturing your own swarm and harvesting honey.

Bees are in peril today, and your help is needed if our fruit trees, flowers and gardens are to continue being productive. Feel free to attend this meeting, which is free to the public, and become a steward of one of our most important treasures.

Obtain additional information by contacting the following: Paul Young (942-5515) or (360-580-6261) and Dutch Holland (942-2616) or 942-7830.