Accident ties up traffic for 3½ hours

The over-sized load carrying the construction beam was traveling along State Route 101 to State Route 6 southbound, as the log truck was traveling northbound along 101. As the construction beam transport navigated the intersection attempting to go east on SR 6, the truck had yet to clear the intersection when it was struck by the log truck. The interchange was blocked for approximately 3½ hours, with an additional delay of traffic on the 101 for an additional hour during initial investigation and clearing of damage.

The 61-year old driver of the 100-foot construction beam was able to leave the site of the accident under his own power and suffered no injuries. The driver of the log truck, a 37-year old Montesano man, was transported to Willapa Harbor Hospital and released. His vehicle was impounded, too damaged to drive with the majority of the damage to the drivers cab. It was further reported that the driver had to be cut out of the cab prior to transport for medical assistance.

The accident is still under investigation.