“If You Can’t Stand the Heat, Stay Out of the Kitchen”

Mike Swanson

Now, I don’t have any real big fish to fry in any of this except, as a P.U.D. ratepayer for the past 30-some years, I don’t want to see any unnecessary and extraordinarily expensive projects undertaken in this county that will raise all of our electricity rates. Bonneville seems to be able to do a pretty job on that, already. Am curious, though, about the contracting/subcontracting out of the millions of dollars any of the big projects will likely cost – will Kilowatt Engineering be among those bidding?

What really ticked me off about John’s letter was his fallback to the old right-wing wacko’s canard of “radical environmentalists/agenda” - twice in one paragraph. And that surprises me, because I have always thought of John to be his own man (and a friend and fellow Cougar booster) when it comes to rational thinking. Believe me, I know Ron Craig. When asked to describe him, “radical environmentalist,” would not be one of the terms that would come to mind, not in the sense that John intended it.

I do not always agree with, and understand, the tactics of Messrs. Craig and Sheldon. But, after many years of observing them, this I do know: much more often than not when they come to the table, they have done their homework and they have their facts. They have been around long enough to tell it like it is, even though quite often it is not what a lot of us want to hear (and I don’t necessarily always agree with all of it, but what do I know?). That said, I truly do not believe they have any more of a personal agenda in this “discussion” than most concerned ratepayers, especially some wacko radical environmental issue. Let’s reserve that term to where it really applies.  


Respectfully yours,


Michael J. Spencer

Raymond, Wash.