"David Burke Just Doesn't Work"

I was appalled to hear about the most recent development in the race for Pacific County Prosecutor: an anonymous smear campaign targeting Mark McClain. No one is fooled. Releasing envelopes with shady innuendos and then claiming to be "shocked" by them is one of the oldest and lamest tricks in the political playbook. It turns what should be an open political debate into a high-school rumor mill.

This is yet another example of how Mark's opponents must resort to unfair, out-of-context character bashing because their candidate is simply unqualified for the job. Working alongside Mark, I have seen his capable approach to prosecution -- tough, but reasonable; intelligent, but down-to-earth; hardworking, but relaxed. Mark is a talented attorney who will handle the political and legal challenges of the office in a way that will make Pacific County citizens proud.

In contrast, David Burke discourages his staff from taking principled positions so that the office will have less work. He botches important criminal cases, as shown by the recent slap-on-the-wrist for a government employee's abuse of her post. He is so disorganized that his office is worthy of an episode of "Hoarders." Representing the County in civil actions is a crucial function of a prosecutor. I cringe to think about what important papers Burke misplaced or misfiled in his office among the towers of trash. In a nutshell, David Burke just doesn't work.

Mark McClain is the best man for the job. So take that envelope in your mailbox for what it is: a desperate attempt to fool you into making a mistake this November. Don't buy it -- it's time to graduate from high school.


Deputy Prosecuting Attorney

Lewis County, Wash.