Winlock woman kills boyfriend with pellet gun

Winlock woman kills boyfriend with pellet gun

Law enforcement blocks road outside residence where murder took place.

On Tuesday, a Winlock woman shot and killed her boyfriend in what was described as a domestic violence dispute on Hwy 505 just outside of Winlock.

Tina Ann Pase, also known as Amber Lisa was charged with first and second degree murder charges along with possession of methamphtamines.

Pase is accused of killing her boyfriend, 53 year old Winlock resident David Miller. Miller's cause of death was shooting by an air gun also known as a pellet gun with the manner of death ruled as a homicide by Coroner Warren McLeod.

According to court documents, Pase was upset with Miller because he had used heroin with another female while she was out of town. Upon her return, they started to argue at which time it became physical. Pase grabbed the pellet gun, the two fought briefly and then Pase pulled the trigger. Miller was pronounced dead at the scene according to court documents.

Pase has a history of drug possession and possible distribution. She was arrested in 2016 for methamphetamines and heroin and was sentenced to 30 months. She was arrested again in 2019 for possession of methamphetamines, a charge that was still pending at the time of the murder.

Pase remains in custody on charges.