Winlock still mulling marijuana moratorium

Marlea Hanson

A public hearing on Ordinance 1008, a moratorium on recreational marijuana production and sales, was held during a recess at the Sept. 9 Winlock City Council meeting.

Fourty-three pages of Washington Administrative Code (WAC), a State Liquor Control Board statement, and City of Morton's Ordinance 2013-01 were included as reference guidelines for establishing Winlock's moratorium, which passed unanimously.

Draft Ordinance 985, a moratorium on medical marijuana collective gardens originally proposed in October, 2012, and expiring Oct. 31, 2013, was set back 60 days to Dec. 31 to allow the council time to review the documents and invite input from the public.

Councilor Dennis Korpi charged the council with "dragging (their) feet on this issue." Korpi's extensive research and notes on rules established by the State Liquor Control Board was offered to help avoid conflicts in setting local restrictions.

City Clerk Tedi Curry reminded council members "we can adopt rules that exceed the State's, but our rules must be at least equal."

A workshop to discuss the moratorium was set for 6:15 p.m. in advance of the next regularly scheduled meeting Sept. 23.