Winlock News 02.25.15

Lynnette Hoffman

Winlock Egg Day is coming up on June 19 and 20, with the Queen's coronation on the evening of June 19. Winlock has been celebrating Egg Day since 1921, one of the oldest festivals in Washington State. Winlock was one of the largest producers of poultry and egg's for so many years that it was eventually given "The Worlds Largest Egg." For many years residents of Winlock have looked forward to the big event. This year will be no egg-ception, we will all crowd in to town and watch the floats and catch up with people we see. It's the time of year where they really need help with planning of the event. The committee will hold meetings on March 5 and 19 at 7 p.m. at the Winlock Community Building, located at 607 NW Kerron St. If you can spare the time and help out, please attend one of the meetings and get involved. There is an advertising deadline of May 1. You can go on to Facebook under Winlock Egg Day's and download the form needed. Be apart of the community and help with the wonderful celebration of Egg Day.

Winlock Olequa Senior Center will be having their famous potato bar the first Friday in March. As you know the Winlock Senior Center is open to the public. They also have many activities throughout the week from lunches to playing pool. Give the Senior Center a call at (360) 785-4325. This is the month they will be having their watercolor painting class and a quilting class. Prices are always reasonable but it never hurts to verify.

Winlock High School sports are getting ready to gear up for their track and field along with baseball/softball. If you have never attended a game, I highly recommend it. I have enjoyed going to sporting events at the school since we moved back. I always run in to someone I know and it's fun to catch up.

Finally, we still have the need to help our students that are less fortunate out, and a fund titled Winlock Student Support has been set up at Timberland Bank and could use everyone's help. Our students are in need of jackets, shoes, scarves, clothes, school supplies, etc. All it takes is for a few people to donate what they may otherwise pay for one cup of coffee per month, because it all adds up. If you can spare an extra dollar or two, please deposit it in to the account at Timberland Bank and help all of our students in need. Please take 10 minutes out of your day and let the students in Winlock know you care.