Winlock discusses PWD truck

by Kennedi Collins

On the cold winter night of Monday November 23, the Winlock City Council met to discuss the matters of city business. For the start of this meeting the council immediately began the matters of Old Business.

Under this topic the council discussed the matter of the Egg Day Float. The Lions Club has discussed the matters of where to store the float but a vote is required in order for the matter to be official. Still under the topic of old business the council talked of Community Building Heaters. At this time, they talked of how the heaters were being worked on and must undergo another inspection before completion. Closing the matters of Old Business the council went forward with agenda items before moving into the Public Hearing.

Speaking before the Public Hearing was Police Chief, John Brockmueller. He reported that everything was "going well." He continued that there had been 24 calls of service in the past two weeks. There had also been a recent burglary at the Apollo School. All aside Brockmueller stated that everything is "moving forward."

At this time the meeting recessed for the Public Hearing.

This Public Hearing was about the "2016 Proposed Budget." During the Hearing the council talked of the previous arrangements for this topic. After this discussion the council opened the floor to public comments. A community member asked the council how much was saved on community building. The council replied with "around $4000." With no further comments the council closed the hearing and proceeded with the regular scheduled meeting.

Resuming the meeting Councilwoman Sarah Gifford asked about any laws about trash being left in yards of houses. City Attorney, Erin Hillier brought up a few ordinances that could bring about fees with litter. It was then brought up that there hadn't been a code enforcement officer since 2010. Gifford stated that she would like this matter to be addressed again later. With no further Council Comment of Public Comment the Council continued into Agenda Items.

First under the Agenda Items the council looked into the matter of "CDBG Grant Contract - Authorizing Mayor to Sign." With little discussion Councilwoman

Barbara Pederson moved to approve the Mayor to sign. Following Pederson Councilman Sam Patrick seconded. With no opposition the motion carried.

The next item was the "Selection of Project Manager/Engineering Firm for Sewer Project." Again Pederson moved to approve as Councilman Jerry Radar seconded this motion. With no opposition the motion carried.

For the final item under the agenda items the Council looked at the matter of "Purchase of Truck for Public Works Department." Under this topic the council had much discussion for the matters of a brand of truck and how they will attach the strobe light to the top. After the discussions were over the council agreed to look to a local place to attach the light and would look into the Dodge truck. Following the agreement Councilman Patrick made the motion for these agreements. Pederson seconded the motion and the motion carried unanimously.

After the matters of the agenda the Council proceeded into the matters of consent agenda. After the approval of the Payment of Vouchers, Approval of Minutes, Resolution of 2015-09, and Resolution 2015-10, the Council moved into an "Executive Session - Potential Litigation, Acquisition of Real Estate."

Following the executive session the council returned to discuss the Mayoral Wages. This special discussion was led by Mayor Protem Barbara Pederson. After much discussion was held for the matters of wages for the mayor the council reached an agreement. Councilwoman Gifford made a motion for a raise to be given for $750 and after term would drop back down until being raised for another term. Councilman Rader seconded this motion to start the first of the year. After the motion carried unanimously the meeting was adjourned.