Wedin Farms, a taste of local history

By Kirsten Stalnaker

Wedin Farms, a taste of local history

One of the historical heritage farms of Chehalis, Wedin Farms is marking it's 101st year in the family, although the farm itself has been around longer than that. Kathleen Wedin and her husband Dr.Galen Wedin are the owners of the farm. It has been in the Wedin family since 1918 and one can imagine the sort of roots associated with such a place.

The farm can be found off of Highway 6 towards Adna on Spooner Road. As you start down the driveway you are greeted with a sign that says 'Wedin Farms EST. 1918' and you know that you have arrived. The scenery of the location is immersive and tranquil in the way that farmland tends to be. On one side of the road the vast green open fields of the neighboring farm can be seen. On the other side, a lush grove of ancient trees of maple, birch, and alder marks the Wedin Farm territory.

The historic home of Kathleen and her husband, which is hidden away almost completely in the thick of the trees, is just in front of the massive historical barn which is painted a bright and cheerful red. The barn is of interest today as this is where Kathleen hosts her annual harvest vender festivals.

Kathleen gave the grand tour of the barn. Walking through the barn it was easy to see how it could house so much activity that such an event could draw in. Out the back of the barn are sweeping views of the valley, another neighboring farm, and the river as it bends and winds its way though the lush farm lands the lower west Chehalis valleys.

It is clear the love and gratitude Kathleen has for what has been her home and land of 50 years with her husband, when you listen to her talk about the various experiences of living in such a place. She told stories of the work her husband Galen did to the barn over the years, the horses they kept for their children, and what it was like to watch the world around them change as time progressed. She stated that God had given her and her husband this land for a time to care for. The testament of their excellent stewardship can be seen in all directions on the property.

With some reserve of emotion, Kathleen did say that the farm would be going up for sale in the near future - a difficult endeavor to be sure after so much time and history in one place. She did mention that one of their children had purchased a home just across the way so, family ties to the area still hold strong.

If you are interested in visiting the farm, or have other inquiries you can get into contact with Kathleen at 360-704-0083 or find them on Facebook at

"What happy fortune were it here to live."