Walking on the Willapa



She walks on a personal mission to spread awareness of inner peace with nothing more than her cart of belongings, a sign that reads “walking for peace”, and determination.

Roy was living in Alberta, Canada and working in the hotel industry when she began to feel her life was missing something. Her kids were heading out of the house and she knew it was time for a change so she left her job in search of something more spiritually fulfilling.

“I felt my soul was dying,” said Roy.

She was drawn to walking for peace after reading Steps to Inner Peace written by Peace Pilgrim who spent 28 years walking all over the U.S with the same personal mission to make people more aware of inner peace. Roy walked the Santiago de Compostela, a historic trail in Spain containing many miles and beautiful scenery.

She said, “I knew inside of me that somewhere, somehow I would be walking longer distances.”

Roy has also backpacked through many countries including Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, and more, where she has many fond memories such as working in an orphanage in Indonesia where she had her own group of 13 kids ages two through eight years old. She taught them English and introduced them to new games.

“I strongly believe that peace begins within you. When you do a small kind act for someone else it spreads peace and love around the world,” said Roy of her philosophy on compassion.

Her family is very supportive of her lifestyle. They reminded her to stay safe and bid her goodbye on August 25th at her home in Alberta, Canada. From there she went to Vancouver, B.C., Victoria, Port Angeles, South Bend, and Astoria with the intent to make it to San Diego, California. While walking, she has no planned stops or routes, she simply chooses when she gets there. When she does stop, she's not one to check in to a local hotel or even to find friends and family to stay with; she stays in the home of whoever is hospitable enough to host her.

Pierrette said, “I walk and I get lots of help. There are many kind people out there who stop and give me money, or buy me lunch, or offer me somewhere to stay. One man I met was on vacation but his home was in Port Angeles, he handed me the keys to his home and told me stay as long as I'd long, as I'd like. It was too kind of him.”

Pierrette is still unsure of where or when her trip will officially end. She intends to decide when she arrives in San Diego whether to continue south or not. If you are interested in more information on Pierrette and her journey, she runs a blog at ww.freedomwalkforpeace.com.