Vader hears from discontented citizen

by Kennedi Collins

On November 12 the Vader City Council met for their scheduled meeting of the night. At 6:03 pm the meeting was officially called to order under the direction of Mayor Ken Smith.

Following the formalities the meeting started with the Mayor's Reports. Under these reports Mayor Smith stated that he was "pleased to report" of the elections that had been completed.

Under Public Comment Councilman Wilson addressed the council with the matter of the letter reading of October 8. As Wilson continued he stated how the letter was wrong for how it called him a "liar" and accused him of spreading false rumors to the citizens. During this time Wilson shared his response to the letter and wished the council and audience would be able to see his side. After Wilson's statement Mayor Smith replied that it had been the citizen's free right to express his feelings and views during the Public Comment time. "I personally extend no apologies. On behalf of that I personally have the information that he noted and I believe he's accurate. So that's my response." Mayor Smith claimed in response to Wilson's comment. With this the citizen was in attendance and came to sign up in Public Comment. At this time this citizen expressed "the stuff in the letter that I was trying to point out was; one, you lied. Straight up lied to my face." Moving from this comment he expressed that Wilson had other prices hidden from the public and withhold information that this citizen was willing to help pay. Concluding this topic the council continued on to the matter of city business.

The first topic of the night was for the "Council to consider Resolution 19-2015 - Interlocal with Lewis County re: Meter Read Services." Councilman Kevin Flynn made a motion to approve seconded by Councilman Joe Schey after a few minutes of discussion the motion carried unanimously.

The agenda item "Planning Committee and Park Board vacancies and assignments" began with a report from the Mayor where he stated that the council had received a letter dated November 9 from a woman in the planning committee. In this letter she requested that her membership be terminated immediately. The mayor shared that he would follow her wishes to terminate her membership. With this Councilman Flynn moved to approve this request with a second from Councilman Justin Olson the motion carried. Next the Mayor requested to remove two members from the park board and request to add a new member. Again Flynn moved to approve these changes seconded by Councilman Olson with no opposition the motion carried.

The council entered into an executive session of ten minutes. This session was to address the property across the church that the city had been looking to purchase. After the topic was revealed to the public Councilman Flynn made a motion to undergo diggings in the property to test for the possible underground oil tank. Seconding the motion was Councilman Wilson. With no further comment the meeting was adjourned.