Toledo Threshing Bee a hot success

by Lynnette Hoffman

Toledo Threshing Bee a hot success

Photo by Lynnette Hoffman - Samantha Zion with her pink pitch fork putting wheat on the Threshing Bee.

Threshing Bee in Toledo took place this past weekend and it was a packed house or should I say packed fields. They started Friday evening with the parade and things continued into Saturday and Sunday. It was a beautiful weekend and the event went on without a hitch. Lewis Zion who helps coordinate this with the Cowlitz Grange stated "all in all it was a great event."

When you get to the Threshing Bee you know you are going to experience something very few these days get to see. Threshing is a way of separating the edible part of the wheat from inedible chaff that surrounds the wheat itself. It is a laborious process that is not easy. So, when they fire up the old threshing machine the wheat comes out. It's a sight to behold and mind boggling that they did this on a large scale in the past. Threshing Bee's were events that turned this chore into a festival and that is exactly what happened this weekend.

The Cowlitz Grange Band was on hand to play a few tunes while the grange members served food to hungry attendee's.
Then you get to experience the engines themselves, there are so many different types of engines. They had three steam engines there which was exciting to see.
Many different types of tractors where on display throughout the field. Many are in pristine condition. They had a lot of the "Johnny pop's," two cylinder John Deere tractors.

The big event of the day is the tractor pull and it's an experience. They start with lawnmowers and move their way up to full size tractors. All ages participate in the tractor pull, from youngin's to older men. They compete against each other within the same weight class so there is not one winner but several. "We had a good time," Zion stated, "and the tractor pull went off without a hitch. It went off very well and we had a show of many different weight classes."

There was so much there to see and do. They also had a swap meet where people could purchase things that are hard to find.
Lewis Zion summed it up well. "The event was successful. It was a little hot but we are looking forward to next year." So are we Lewis, so are we!!