Toledo News 05.01.13

Marlea Hanson

Danny Aguilar served us breakfast Sunday morning at Toledo High School's second Track Team fundraiser. His stats: long jump 8th in State at 19.9 feet, triple jump 8th in District, and in the top 25% at 200 meters. Plus fast delivery at breakfast. Keep up the good work, Danny.

New Life Church invites you to dinner Wednesday nights 5:10 - 6 p.m. Menu items change each week. Donations accepted, not required. Call (360) 864-4366.

Toledo's Farmer’s Market begins this week 2 - 7 p.m. and will run through September with homemade, handmade and local fare supporting area growers and artisans. Call Renee at (360) 864-8686 for details.

Toledo Garden Club meets 11 a.m. Thursday at Jammers for lunch, then on to The Dirty Thumb or Adna Floral Nursery. New members welcome. Contact Shirley at or (360) 864-6909.

Spring Wine Tour May 4-5 at Bateaux Cellars. Call for details (360) 670-0774.

May 8, Toledo Senior Center honors all Mothers in Toledo. RSVP Diana, or (360) 864-2112 to enjoy lunch and celebrate. Mother's Day is May 12.

May 18 Community Yard Sale nears. Contact Rick or Tonya at (360) 864-2121 and claim your spot. Proceeds benefit Vision:Toledo!

Battle of the CowlARTZ May 18-19 at Morgan Arts Centre. Winlock and Toledo H.S. Art Show displaying rising talent. Visit or call (360) 864-4ART.

Toledo High School's 3rd Coffee House is May 20 7 p.m. to around 9-ish. Stay five minutes or an hour, enjoy performances by students, parents and patrons with coffee and treats. Visit or call (360) 864-2391.

June 1 is Toledo Clean-Up Day. RSVP your spot with Mike Stavig, or (360) 864-2334.

Carrie Anguiano, Shy-Anne Hill, Kayla Coverdell and Mrs. Ketchum have Cheese Days buttons. Contact Cyndi, or (360) 864-4774.

The Toledo City Council meets first and third Mondays 6:00 p.m. (except holidays). Visit or call (360) 864-4564.

After donating a building downtown for a library, Bill and Pat await word from Timberland Regional Library. Get involved with Friends of the Library by contacting Caldwell's at or (360) 864-6757.