Tea time in Toledo

It's tea time at the Toledo Senior Center again, get your tickets before they sell out. This is the successful tea they have every year. It's a big tea party and you must dress the part.

On Sunday, April 8 at 2:00 p.m. the Toledo Senior Center will be all a buzz from the event of the day. They will have a silent auction with many items to purchase. A dress code is in effect for the day, hat and dresses for the ladies, and jackets and bow ties for the gentleman.

It takes a nice group of people to put on the tea party and for the last three years, Maggie David and her kitchen team of four prepare the 300 small tea sandwiches. Jean Luque bakes 100 scones every year and for the past five years she has donated those for the center tea along with Devonshire cream, a group favorite. Plus the Latvian baker will provide more than 100 Latvian bacon rolls.

This year they are doing an international tea where ten countries will be represented, including Norway, Scotland, Latvia, Bulgaria and more.

Entertainment this year will be individuals in original ethnic costumes during the tea and different cultures will be displayed.

Tickets are on sale now, they are $20 and can be purchased at the Toledo Senior Center.

Please join the Toledo seniors for a day of fun, food and entertainment.