Something Wicked This Way Comes

This federal yearly grant coming through the mental health department here in Pacific county to fund this teen advocate program is administered by the mental health department doesn't have to follow the same laws the sheriff's department dose for example [The sheriff takes an oath to the constitution of the United States.] whereby the mental health of this state can give concealing and also allows without parents knowledge abortion to young girls 13 years and up!

This new teen advocate coalition in Pacific County is set up like other teen advocate groups, mental health involved so that all is kept confidential because the state of Washington has no parental notification laws thanks to our State Senator and representatives all these privacy for your child that parents are not privy too, but mental health [DSHS] is. All of our government is involved, including county, local SRO officers at schools and schools, business and citizens, county government. Do you think a mistake will ever surface?

The administration at our local school districts can stop these people from having access to our children without parental knowledge and if not the school boards can make the administration stop this group!

The board of directors for TAC, unless they are part of DSHS, will not be privy to what is going on either.

Lincoln said, "if destruction be our lot then how shall it come ... it shall spring up amongst us."

Hugh Fleet

South Bend