September prime time to begin household projects

Town Crier

With the school year starting and kids--even older ones--returning to school, it can be a handy time to catch up on some home improvement tasks.

September is a time that is more fortunate than others, as it is not always so scorching hot as it predecessors but not cold enough to derail certain projects. If you're thinking of tackling the to-do list this next month, here are some good places to start:

Paint interior rooms.

Whether it's a new color scheme or just some touching up, it's good to paint interior rooms while the weather is still dry enough to leave doors and windows open. while it's still warm enough to leave windows open. The same goes for shampooing or replacing carpets, which require a lot of drying when undertaken.

Check heating system.

Winter is a terrible time to find out your heating system is broken, so take time now to check filters, pilot lights and burners, and, if necessary, have the system serviced by a qualified professional.

Remove window air-conditioning units.

Some of us may feel ebtter to keep out AC units in place just a little bit longer, but they can be burdensome to remove and store when the weather turns bad. Making sure they are appropriately stored wil help keep them in working order until summer rolls around next year. If they are not removable, simply cover them with plastic to protect them over the winter.

Check your home's foundation.

While there is not a lot of mus and moisture to confuse things, take a tour of the outside of your house to make sure that soil around the foundation is properly graded and that there are no cracks visible in the concrete. Soil should slope four to six inches for a distance of three feet out from the foundation walls.

Look for equipment at year-end sales.

In time for Labor Day, many businesses begin advertising year-end and close-out sales of their outgoing models of lawn mowers and weed wackers, etc. These can be great opportunities to score some great deals of quality equipment without paying quality prices.