Runners support cross country team

by Patrick L. Myers


Benjamin Meade held his Run Bright 1k, 5k and 10k Race on Saturday, April 25 starting at 9 pm. As many as 25 participants showed up to the Raymond track to run, and each race respectively cost $15, $25 and $30, the proceeds going to the Willapa Harbor cross country team.

The first race was the 1k, with two participants, held on the Raymond track in just a couple short laps. First place was Neal Heckman. Second place went to Colt Coty.

There were 21 participants in the 5k race. First place in the men's 5k went to Carte Bisbee. second to Kaden Coty, and third to Shayn Sath.

In the women's 5k, first place went to Linsie Fisher, second to Traci Hoffman, and third to Tessa Wilson.

For the 10k race, there were only two participants, one guy and one girl, First place in men's went to Jachin Heckman, and first place in Women's went to Steph Antich.

Each participant received an orange 2015 Run Bright shirt for completing the race. The orange shirts were a way of giving something back to all the participants for helping support the cross country team.

There are plenty of shirts left over; so if you're feeling like you missed out on supporting the cross country team, you still have a chance.

"I am going to sell the Run Bright shirts for $12 and anyone who wants to buy one can go to the Raymond high school office if they would like to help support the cross country team," Meade said.